Log Cabin Block Swap Quilt 1

Here is the first quilt I made from a block swap I participated in.  The idea was to make 12 log cabin blocks with a 5″ center, that measured 21″ square and had 2.5″ blocks as the outside edge using all Bonnie and Camille fabrics.  Then the blocks were cut into 4 separate 1/4 log cabin blocks and 36 of the 48 were sent off to swap with blocks from other participants in the swap.  You would then get 36 blocks back, trim them up and combine them to make a quilt.

I thought I would like my quilt to be larger than the 48 blocks would make, so I made 12 other blocks and after I cut them up, and got my 36 blocks back, I had 96 blocks, which would make a nice bed sized quilt.  YEAH!  Except I couldn’t decide how to put this quilt together, I had so many ideas on layout, that I finally decided to make 2 smaller quilts in my favorite layouts.  This is the first one I finished.  The blocks are cut on the diagonal and put together with different blocks.  Then set so the seams go in a diagonal direction.  The binding is made of all leftover 2 1/2″ scraps from making the blocks in the first place.  I think this is a delightful quilt, with a lot of memories for me.20151203_151857

4th Quilt Finished 2015

This quilt was in a box of quilt tops, finished years ago and put away because I got too busy to quilt.  I found this box this fall and started to finish these quilts along with more recent quilt tops created.  This is a classic “snowball” block made with Kansas Trouble fabric by Moda.  I love the colors and how they contrast in this quilt.  I am having so much fun finishing projects and seeing them put together.


3rd Quilt – Hashtag

This is my Hashtag quilt.  That is the name of the pattern.  It is made entirely of scraps from another quilt that I made several years ago.  It was fun to make and I love the fall colors.  The scraps are from a line of fabric called “Awesome” by Sandy Gervaise, for Moda Fabrics.  You can’t tell, but there were some major problems I encountered when I quilter this, but I was able to fix them, so that they can’t even be seen, unless you are look for them, and you know what they are.  Pat myself on the back for that one!  I learned some major lessons about quilting that will make me double check things I just took for granted before I quilted this quilt.  I hope you like this one, as much as I do.IMG_20151124_104806

2nd Quilt Finished 2015

Here is the 2nd quilt I’ve finished this year.  I started this quilt many years ago, probably more than 10.  I had the quilt top finished, and put away, in a safe place, never to be seen again…:).  I’m so glad I am the only person who does this type of thing.  Anyway, I found it and several others, in a container in the basement, and have been in a getting things finished mode for the last month.  This is a Thimbleberries Club project by Lynette Jensen, who has just started up quilting again after taking several years off, sounds like someone else I know.  I love this quilt, the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It is so pretty.  It was fun to finish it and I’m so happy to see it on my quilt ladder!  Enjoy.


1st quilt this year.

This is the first quilt I finished this year.  I started it a few years ago and DSCF0002finally got it quilted and bound.  This is a pattern called “Double Slice” and it was fun to make.  I call this my “Happy Quilt” because during every step of making this quilt I had a happy feeling.  Looking at, working with and touching this quilt, makes me happy!

W00t! W00t! My First Blog

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but have been too timid to actually get started. I know nothing about doing a blog, but I think it will be fun! I’ve been told that for a blog to be successful, it needs to only focus on one theme, but unfortunately, (for you who are reading this) I am not only one sided. I will start talking about quilts and quilting, and we will go from there.

In this blog, I want to start with the quilts I have and will finish this year, and my thoughts surrounding them. Next year I want to use this blog as a record (and a prod to get more done) for the quilts I do in 2016. I hope to make it easy (both to read and to write) for everyone involved. I hope you will join with me on this journey and feel free to ask questions, if you have any.

Thanks, Ellie