Log Cabin Block Swap Quilt 1

Here is the first quilt I made from a block swap I participated in.  The idea was to make 12 log cabin blocks with a 5″ center, that measured 21″ square and had 2.5″ blocks as the outside edge using all Bonnie and Camille fabrics.  Then the blocks were cut into 4 separate 1/4 log cabin blocks and 36 of the 48 were sent off to swap with blocks from other participants in the swap.  You would then get 36 blocks back, trim them up and combine them to make a quilt.

I thought I would like my quilt to be larger than the 48 blocks would make, so I made 12 other blocks and after I cut them up, and got my 36 blocks back, I had 96 blocks, which would make a nice bed sized quilt.  YEAH!  Except I couldn’t decide how to put this quilt together, I had so many ideas on layout, that I finally decided to make 2 smaller quilts in my favorite layouts.  This is the first one I finished.  The blocks are cut on the diagonal and put together with different blocks.  Then set so the seams go in a diagonal direction.  The binding is made of all leftover 2 1/2″ scraps from making the blocks in the first place.  I think this is a delightful quilt, with a lot of memories for me.20151203_151857

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