3rd Quilt – Hashtag

This is my Hashtag quilt.  That is the name of the pattern.  It is made entirely of scraps from another quilt that I made several years ago.  It was fun to make and I love the fall colors.  The scraps are from a line of fabric called “Awesome” by Sandy Gervaise, for Moda Fabrics.  You can’t tell, but there were some major problems I encountered when I quilter this, but I was able to fix them, so that they can’t even be seen, unless you are look for them, and you know what they are.  Pat myself on the back for that one!  I learned some major lessons about quilting that will make me double check things I just took for granted before I quilted this quilt.  I hope you like this one, as much as I do.IMG_20151124_104806

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